Countdown to THE VOTE


Vaughn Hokanson
Utah's Patriot Pundit


Utah State Delegates and Fellow Patriots – WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO REST AFTER OUR WINS AT CONVENTION!!! It’s Time To STAND! We must learn and share the truth. We must ORGANIZE TO ELECT LEADERS WHO WILL REPRESENT US, and we must withdraw their power if they do not work to protect our freedoms. 

This site is not meant primarily as an endorsement of any one candidate or party. However, I will freely share and freely endorse based on the best evidence I can find. I will share the sources of evidence I can find or that is sent to me, and I will be giving more information about candidates as it becomes available to me throughout the election cycle. 

I firmly believe that for those of us in Utah, our most important office this election is Governor of Utah, and I endorse Phil Lyman. If you believe our current administration has earned another term – I ask you to do a few hours of research. If you are still convinced after your research, please send me your research and I will post it. I want the truth. 


Are we ready to open our minds to truth?

Can we muster the courage to address the hard problems we are facing? 

Will we fight for our freedom and the future of our children by doing the hard work now to make changes now?

Do we have the information that we need to accomplish all of this even if we are willing?

This last question is perhaps the most difficult to answer. 

There is an information war going on, and big tech and big government are doing everything they can to win. 

I created this site as hub of information so that you can inform yourself and join me in the fight. 

I hope it helps you find truth, gather courage, and join this battle to preserve freedom. 

Please send me links to information that can be added to the site and consider donating to help me grow my reach. 


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