Vaughn Hokanson
Stands for Transparency

Transparency: Illuminating the Path of Governance

Transparency is the third word emblazoned on my campaign signs, a concept as clear and vital as the mountain air in Heber City. It is the principle that ensures the actions of those in office are conducted in the light of day, visible to all who seek to observe them. In our republic, this is more than a policy preference—it is a fundamental right enshrined within the framework of our Constitution, implied through the guarantees of freedom of speech and the press, which allow citizens to be well-informed and to hold their government accountable.

As a steward of the public trust, I am committed to an administration where decisions are made not behind closed doors, but in full view of the electorate, where the processes of government are not shrouded in obscurity but are clear and understandable to every person whom they affect. It is through this transparency that we forge a stronger, more engaged community.

Transparency goes hand in hand with the other principles I stand for—Accountability and Integrity. It provides the lens through which the actions of government can be assessed and ensures that officials act in the best interests of those they serve. By maintaining an open dialogue with the community and providing unfettered access to information, I will ensure that Heber City remains a beacon of civic engagement and trust.

To those I serve, my commitment is to keep you informed and involved. My doors and my website will always be open, offering the latest news and information, ensuring that you have every opportunity to participate in the governance of our city. By weaving transparency into the very fabric of our local government, we lay a clear path forward—one that invites scrutiny, welcomes participation, and celebrates the collective wisdom of our residents.

Together, through Accountability, Integrity, and Transparency, we can build a Heber City that reflects the best of its citizens, embodying the principles that have long been the pillars of our nation’s strength.