Saul Alinsky

Why Alinsky?

Very few know much about Saul Alinsky. Saul David Alinsky was an American community activist and political theorist. His work, through the Chicago-based Industrial Areas Foundation helping poor communities organize to press demands upon landlords, politicians and business leaders, won him national recognition and notoriety.

I bring up Saul Alinsky in a site for a conservative political candidate because you can’t fight an enemy who you don’t understand.  His disciples are the enemy. Alinsky is no longer an enemy, born in 1909, he died in 1972.  He did however, leave a legacy:

Hilary Rodham Clinton

"Hillary Rodham, now Hillary Rodham Clinton, was a young Wellesley college student writing her college thesis on community organizing. She got to know, and learned well from, Saul Alinsky. She kept up a correspondence with him for some years afterwards... ..Her correspondence with Alinsky [was] just about assured to become an issue for her Republican critics." - Rick Cohen, Non-Profit Quarterly (NPQ)

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama

"Barack Obama, unlike Clinton, had no personal ties to Alinsky. Alinsky, after all, died when Obama was 10 years old. But Obama was certainly influenced by Alinsky's followers and overall model of organizing. Obama, famously, worked as a community organizer in Chicago between 1985 and 1988. The group he worked for, the Developing Communities Project (DCP), was deeply influenced by Alinsky." - Dylan Matthews,Vox

Another part of Alinsky’s legacy was his book: “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals“.  Published in 1971, I know it well.  In 1970 I was ‘Radicalized’ by the Viet Nam war.  By 1972, I was marching against the war at the Federal building in Los Angeles.  Saul Alinsky was my hero.  He still is, though a nefarious hero to me now, and I learned his strategies and tactics well.  

It wasn’t until, in 1973, I took the summer to go ‘on holiday’ to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, that I learned about real radicals and communism.  Communism sounded good on paper until I traveled to the DDR, Communist East Germany and got Red Pilled.  No one knew what Red Pilled was in those days.  But looking back, but my journey took me to East Berlin and an encounter with the STASI, the East German Secret Police (not unlike the KGB or the GESTAPO) that I figured out what Liberty really means.  And what Communism really means. It was a Red Pilled moment.

But I digress.  For the full story of my trip into a communist country, read my post on History

I now know exactly how well those tactics and strategies work.  And I know how to combat them.  Fight fire with fire.  In the words of Tom Petty: “I Won’t Back Down”.  I’ve decided to fight back.  Damn the torpedoes, I have nothing left to lose, and I’m fighting for the ones who come after me because I won’t let them suffer the totalitarianism and loss of liberty and, subsequently, the loss of life that results from Communism.  Socialism, no matter how you describe it, is Communism.  Ask Karl Marx. Or Wikipedia if you like: “Socialism or, as Marx termed it, the first phase of communist society, can be viewed as a transitional stage characterized by common or state ownership of the means of production.”  The ‘state’ always, ALWAYS screws up whatever they try to do.

Back to Alinsky.  His book contains his illustration of tactics and his twelve rules; the law of radicals.  His training was at the University of Chicago, trained by the early Sociology masters he earned a degree in Philosophy.  His philosophy: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.  For details on Alinsky’s rules read my post on his Nefarious Playbook.

Alinsky’s philosophy about the threat is palpable to everyone, every day.  Fear tactics.  The media know these tactics, the communists live by these tactics, the FBI and the CIA know, and the Washington elite know these tactics well.   

So what am I saying here?  Do the rest of us stoop to the tactics of the radicals?  An eye for an eye?  Not exactly.  I’m telling you to observe what they do and don’t allow their tactics work.  In all circumstances be self aware. Ask yourself: Why am I reacting the way I am?  Refuse to let the spell being cast be effective.  Please throw your political correctness out the window.  Speak the truth!  And in the words of the angels who appear in the Bible: “Fear not…”

George Orwell’s book “1984” was a WARNING, not a MANUAL.  Remember what these people are trying to do.   “It’s in the name of the collective, it’s for the ‘good’ of all…”  Really? I am NOT about the collective, the hive mind, I’m about the individual.  No one knows what is good for an individual except that sovereign self.  It is none of your business what someone else thinks of you.  You know the truth, you know who you are.  It’s no longer time to be ‘nice’ it’s time to speak the truth.  

Orwell described what he called doublespeak, holding two opposite thoughts with the same word, with the four government Ministries:  The Ministry of Peace was the military; they were all about war. The Ministry of Truth was the media; they were all about lies.  The Ministry of Love was the state police, they were about fear and torture and hate. The Ministry of Plenty was about production, but it was really about scarcity.  Socialism, um, Communism and Alinsky tactics in a nutshell.  Take control of the language, change the meaning of words and you control the people.  I will NOT allow them do it!  Mendacity, evil, and fear.